He's a real show stopper!

Tyson is a mighty Tyrannosaurus rex. The most well known of the dinosaurs! Rex means 'King' in Latin and Tyson is definitely a king! He is 8 months old and already eats more than most fully grown men! 

He's cheeky and playful with a big old roar. He loves children, having his feathers stroked and lots of snacks.

When fully grown he could reach 40ft and although that's huge he really is just a big softy at heart. He's been hand reared by our Dino Rangers since hatching and sees humans as family - he might look a bit scary but all he really wants is lots of attention and Dino Baby treats!

He Loves children's parties and can't wait to meet you!


She is a real cutie

Talula is a gentle giant. She's a Triceratops, her species roamed the earth around 66 million years ago!

She has three horns, although hers aren't that big yet as she's only 6 months old! She looks a lot like a baby rhinoceros.

Talula loves veggies & salad but is also partial to a fruity scone. She loves a kiss on the nose and her chin tickled by little people!

She can be a bit nervous around big people but with a little encouragement she's lots of fun!