our story

Dino Babies story begins with our son Ted. Ted is 7 and Autistic. The kindest, sweetest boy on the planet. 5 years ago things didn't look so bright for him. He was diagnosed with Autism at just 2. Our days were filled with meltdowns & head banging, we were told he may never talk or engage with the world around him.


We battled for support and searched for things that motivated and engaged his beautiful little mind! It was clear very early on Ted LOVED dinosaurs. Bit by bit our home was infiltrated with dinosaurs. Jurassic World was always on the TV and the soundtrack to our lives were dino roars and The Journey To The Island score! Dinosaurs didn't only make our boy happy, they gave us a window into Ted's world. We got to see our boy smile again, we got eye contact and eventually we got words!   


Maybe we took it a little far but we eventually commissioned the creation of an animatronic baby T- rex, we named Tyson and a Triceratops, Talula! Tyson & Talula joined our family as a puppy or kitten would yours. Ted believes with every fibre of his special little soul that his dino babies are real and somehow we keep the dream alive for him! Even if it does mean pretending to feed puppets daily!


Ted is flying now, he's in mainstream school with minimal support. Yes he has his quirks, he loves to roar and pretend to be a dinosaur, he has a unique little accent & sense of humour but we wouldn't change him for the world - The jurassic world! 


our story

With Ted happy & content, our 12 year old Alf settled in High school and our baby Bea about to start school - We are ready to share our dinos with Manchester and start our own little company!


As the world opens back up for fun and socialising. We want our Dino Babies out in our local community, inspiring more children. At Parties, events & community projects, in nurseries, Special Needs groups & schools. With options of performances with our Dino Rangers, workshops and Dino hire only to make sure our fantastic puppets are accessible to as many children as possible. 


We plan to add further species to our collection if things go well, we have plans for a community project, DinoBabies-Roarsome Picnics in the Park, which will provide affordable and inspiring experiences for little Dino Lovers & their families. Getting people back out, together & reconnecting our communities after 18 months of anxiety, worry & isolation.


we hope to create volunteer roles & jobs for young people with Autism & additional needs. Making a real positive difference in our community.